DeArmond® Pickups

DeArmond pickups of the 1950s and '60s are revered and collected around the world because they reflect the era of discovery when electric guitar was experimental and new.

After purchasing the DeArmond Company in 1996, Fender's Research and Development department set about determining which DeArmond pickup models could be recreated and how to make the most of these classic designs. The solution to these questions was to produce the DeArmond guitar line in which the sound of these modernized, American-made pickups are combined here classic guitar designs by Guild. 

Guild staff travelled to Korea to select the right builder who could faithfully reproduce the old Guild body designs that had been chosen as the basis for the DeArmond guitar line. Tooling was designed and built specially for these guitars and was not selected off the cookie-cutter shelf that serves so often as the source of imported designs. The visual appeal is undeniable and the sound quality is absolutely unchallenged by any guitar anywhere near the price.

The only way to really appreciate DeArmond guitars is to hear and feel them. The only way to know how they sound is to go to your nearest dealer, plug one in and crank it up. The only way to tell how good they feel is to go to your nearest dealer and strap one on. Looks are important, too, and you can get a good idea from the photos here, but the only way to know how good they look on you is to go to your nearest dealer and see, feel and hear for yourself.

DeArmond 2K Single Coil Pickup
The USA-made De-Armond 2K updates the original DeArmond Model 200, which is found on some of world's most collectible vintage guitars.

DeArmond Gold Tone Humbucking Pickup
The Gold Tone humbucker--"the classic that never was"--brings you a USA-made DeArmond pickup with vintage style and modern tone.

DeArmond Turbo Jet Bass Single Coil Pickup
USA-made single-coil bass pickup specially designed for the Jet Star bass. 


DeArmond Gold Tone Bass Humbucking Pickup
USA-made bass version of the Gold Tone humbucking pickup. Inspired by Guild's Starfire Bass pickup.

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